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Medicdent dental surgery - prices
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Pricing for registered patients with insurance, and self-payers

Pricing of individual intervention in the dental office Medicdent for registered and insured person's contract can be found here  pdf

Pricing of individual intervention in the dental office Medicdent for self-payers can be found here  pdf

Prices & Costs Aesthetic Medicine

Pricing of each surgery Aesthetic Medicine can be found here  pdf

Contractual health insurance companies

                                           111 – General Health Insurance Company                                                                        201 – Military Health Insurance Company

                                           205 – Czech Industrial Health Insurance Company                                                          207 – Departmental Health Insurance Company

                                           209 – Employees Insurance Škoda                                                                                      213 – District Fraternal Treasury, Health Insurance

Something about prices

Do not pay for entrance and preventive examinations. We have contracts with health insurance companies


We would like to specify information relating to the payment of individual treatments in our office. First and foremost, we must vydzvihnout fact that we have a contract with all health insurance companies. This means that a large part of the interventions need to pay out of their own wallets, but is paid from your health insurance. This applies particularly to the initial examination, including registration and regular preventive checks, which are covered by health insurance twice a year, as well as the complete X-ray examinations carried out directly at our clinic. Taking into account the contribution to the prosthetics - crowns, bridges, dentures.

Prices of individual interventions - the direct payments that will be charged, based on a complex calculation that takes into account many factors. Mention may be made, for example, using the most advanced equipment, high-end appliances and the latest materials on the dental market.

Our biggest goal is your satisfaction and happiness of your children, for which we always have a lot of patience and reward.

Care, which leads to long-term preservation and quality denture, the health insurance covers only partially. The costs related to the use of superior materials and processes is largely on the side of the patient. For detailed information on pricing, please contact your doctor before starting treatment. If you are interested will discuss the overall price and schedule treatments.

Investing in health is the best investment! With us you are guaranteed 100% quality!