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Medicdent services - 3Shape TRIOS® intraoral scanner
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NEWS - 3Shape TRIOS® intraoral scanner - NEWS

Thanks to the intraoral scan we offer our patients a lot deluxe advantages - convenience, privacy, time savings, cost savings and modern methods. The resulting prosthetics are manufactured in a specialized laboratory. The dentist scans with the dental camera, which has a size of toothbrush electronic situation in the patient's mouth and electronically sends it to the dental laboratory.

Benefits for patients:

Enjoyable experience

  • Quick treatment without discomfort impression materials
  • Scan without using the impression powder
  • Fast preparation of the model

Higher satisfaction with the outcome

  • High precision prosthetic work
  • High-quality clinical results
  • Lower cost
  • Higher aesthetics

More comfort

  • Fewer office visits, less repetitive prints
  • Less time in the dentist's chair

Source: Zubní keramika s.r.o.